#107: A Tactical Conversation About Multifamily Asset Management, Operations, and Property Management with Peter Lohmann

In this week's episode I'm bringing back Peter Lohmann, CEO of RL Property Management, based in Columbus, OH. Peter is a former engineer, expert systems/process builder, and one of the brightest minds in the property management industry. He is also really active on Twitter, where he shares loads of insights related to property management, asset management, and small business ownership.

In this episode, I wanted to do a deep dive into operations - the multifamily investors who operate well throughout the next 12-24 months will be the ones who thrive amidst market uncertainty. We discuss the differences between asset management and property management, how to dial in your leasing process, and general tips for owners who want to get the most productivity out of their management company.

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4:46 - How Peter got into property management

6:31 - We talk about starting a property management company

7:27 - We discuss about typical reasons why people are upset with their current management company

13:26 - We learn how Peter arrived at his firm's pricing model (it's unique!)

22:38 - Peter shares the traits that he believes separate the great investors from the average investors, based on his experience being a PM

27:23 - We discuss about the different parts of leasing process (arguably the most important component of operations)

34:47 - Peter talks about how investors can dial in their leasing process

39:54 - We discuss the difference between self-managing properties and big property management company

41:55 - We learn more about tenant retention and how to lengthen the stay of an average tenant - critical!