#106: Gutting It Out On His First Multifamily Deal, Buying LIHTC Properties, and Growing a 1,000+ Unit Portfolio with Jason Stubblefield

Great episode this week with Jason Stubblefield, where we talk about how he overcame a tough upbringing, his background in the military, how he found real estate, and why he invests in affordable housing.

In this episode, Jason discusses his first few single-family deals and why he decided to move into multifamily. We learn about his first deal, a 34-unit apartment complex, and the challenges Jason overcame in executing his business plan. Lastly, Jason shares why he and his partners invest in affordable/LIHTC properties and how he overcomes the challenges of owning these types of properties.



03:35 - Jason talks about his background and his first few deals

04:49 - We discuss the challenges that come with investing in single-family properties

07:34 - We talk about Jason’s first deal: A 34 unit apartment complex

09:15 - Jason elaborates further on the first deal and the challenges and lessons he learned from it

12:41 - We talk about Jason’s experiences with mentorship and why learning from others is so critical

15:37 - Jason shares how he was able to close his first deal (debt, capital, etc)

18:07 - What Jason learned from raising capital on his first deal

23:38 - We dive into affordable housing and why Jason and his partners focus on the asset class

31:07 - Jason's thoughts on affordable housing and his philosophy behind it

36:18 - Possible reasons for the lack of affordable housing

38:18 - We talk about Jason’s experiences as a veteran and the skills he took to real estate

39:07 - Jason’s piece of advice to himself before starting his real estate career

40:05 - We discuss Jason’s most significant business-related failure and what to learned from it

41:05 - We talk about a skill/trait that Jason attributes his success to

41:51 - Jason shares his short term goals