#104: Former Teacher Quickly Grows a $35M+ Multifamily Portfolio + Unique Asset Management Strategies with Michael Ketchen

This week, we have a repeat guest! Michael Ketchen (episode #3), joins the show to discuss how he built a $35M+ multifamily portfolio, very quickly, by leveraging the BRRRR strategy. Mike is a former teacher with an incredible story... he, his partner Matt, and his wife Hannah are a true representation of the American Dream. In this episode, we discuss creating value through operations, buying great multifamily deals, and buying luxury Airbnbs. 

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03:38 - Mike discusses his background as a teacher/dean of students, and how he found real estate

06:10 - We discuss Mike's first deal and how he leveraged the BRRRR model

10:06 - We discuss interest rates, property values, buying criteria, and all the anxiety in the marketplace

13:31 - Mike and Axel discuss the unique asset management and operational strategy that Mike and his team leverage to create value and gain an edge over competitors 

18:39 - We share our tips about mitigating risks & implementing renovations in properties 

20:11 - Michael and Axel discuss the reasons behind the housing shortage

26:21 - Michael and Axel continue to discuss asset management

27:23 - We talk about the risks, performance, and further goals of Mike's Airbnb strategy

31:22 - The potential of turning apartments into Airbnbs and comparisons to the multifamily model