#105: Overcoming Incredible Adversity, Rapidly Growing a Portfolio of 150+ SFRs, and Buying 500+ Units (Many Of Them Direct To Seller) with Sterling White

This week we're joined by the charismatic Sterling White to share his incredible story, where he escaped a rough neighborhood and built a massive real estate business. 

We discuss what steps Sterling took to attain 150+ single-family rentals and 500+ units. We talk about dealing with adversity and maintaining resilience as you endure hardships in business and life. We also discuss working with partners, going direct to seller to buy multifamily properties, and developing systems to streamline your business operations.

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03:30 - Sterling talks about his story, growing up in a rough neighborhood in Indiana, and how he discovered real estate

07:00 - We talk about Sterling’s first few deals, as well as early partnership experiences

08:30 - Sterling talks about how he built a portfolio of 150 SFRs in just a few years

10:53 - Why Sterling decided to pivot to multifamily 

18:37 - Current strategies Sterling is implementing

20:55 - We get Sterling’s take on raising capital and handling deals

24:36 - Sterling talks about systems he uses for effective management

28:13 - We learn how Sterling deals with adversity

34:01 - What advice Sterling would give himself before starting his real estate career

34:53 - We talk about Sterling’s significant business-related failure and what to learn from it

35:54  - We discuss the skill & traits of Sterling to which he attributes his success from

36:49 - Sterling’s goals in the next 6 - 12 months